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  • Your Career
  • Your Current (or Last) Position
  • Your Background Skills and Experience
  • Your Educational Background
  • Your Current Search Efforts

Question 1:
"Tell me about your last job"
Sample answer:
"In my last job as an Sales Engineer, I established and maintained good rapport with over 300 accounts. My results increased the average monthly sales from $1,000 to $3,500. You have said that customer complaints is one of the areas you would like to see improved In this job; I developed a system to resolve customer complaints within 24 hours."

Question 2:
"Are your satisfied with your career progress?"
Sample answer:
"Yes I am. This job as a Senior Purchasing agent will allow me to build on what I have learned as a Purchasing Agent of wood products. It will also provide me with an opportunity to use my management skills training."

Question 3:
"Tell me about yourself"
Sample answer:
(For an administrative position)"My over five years of experience includes producing reports using a variety of word-processing and spreadsheet packages. In my last job, I supported five managers in running a 40-person department where I did the orientation training for up to 10 new hires each year. My favorite activity each year was organizing the annual outdoor goods campaign; participants said they enjoyed the way it ran smoothly while accomplishing our results."

Question 4:
"Where do you see yourself in your career over the next five years? Ten years?"
Sample answer:
"I see myself as continuing to progress in my field of Engineering; in five years, as a manager of others Engineers, and in ten years as the head of an Engineering Department. Is this reasonable to expect in your company?"

Question 5:
"What accomplishments have you enjoyed most in your career?"
Sample answer:
"The accomplishments I have enjoyed all involve working with people; the over ten projects I have participated on the New Product Team allowed me to use my facilitation skills; the team I manage allows me to use my coaching skills, and having four bosses in the last three years has taught me to be flexible."

Question 6:
"What would your ideal career position be? Why?"
Sample answer:
"This one, because it is an excellent match for my skills and my interests."

Question 7:
"Why are you leaving (or did you leave) your present employer?"
Sample answer:
"My current company is downswing most of its operations, and moving manufacturing out of state. Though I was offered a job, I chose not to move and am instead seeing this as an opportunity to use my manufacturing experience and sales skills in a job that could combine both."

Question 8:
"What are your strengths?"
Sample answer:
"One of my strengths is planning projects that involve multiple teams. I recently planned a one-year project involving sevem teams in five different countries. I planned the entire project and facilitated the planning process within each of the teams."

Question 9:
"What are your weaknesses?"
Sample answer:
"Most of the people I have worked with would say that I work too hard. From what you have told me about the job so far, I can see that working hard would be an asset."

Question 10:
"Why should we hire you for this position?"
Sample answer:
"I have the skills you need. I'm a team player. I've worked on short deadline, high priority projects and been successful. I thrive on challenges, and have a desire to join your brand new team."