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M. G. さん

When I registered at MAX Consulting Group, Inc., the snowy weather had
gotten worse, and I had almost given up job hunting. It took such a
long time to find a job. However, MAX Consulting Group has never
given me negative feedbacks; such as telling me that I live too far
away to work in New York City or being a working mother would not be
desirable for many companies. MAX Consulting Group was the only one
contacting me constantly for new job opportunities. MAX Consulting
Group was totally different from any other consulting company, found
me a job and made me incredibly happy!

I have just started working part time, three days a week. I am
working at an excellent company surrounded by friendly employees.
This is the perfect opportunity for me to get my career back.
Furthermore, I still can spend a time with my family. I am totally
satisfied with where I am now and my experience with MAX Consulting

Once again, thank you very much for your support.

Best regards,