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Y. N. さん

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I was searching a new job during this economically challenging time.
I thought I would give it try anyways. I met MAX Consulting Group
with my friend's recommendation. I explained my current job situation
and the consultant was very concerned and gave me a lot of hopes
during the interview. I received feedback right away for several jobs
after my interview with MAX Consulting Group. I couldn't get to reach
to some of jobs interviews because of my background, but MAX
Consulting Group was very patient and continued to support me with
The consultant called me for a new opening and had an interview with
company. I received an offer letter on the same day. With the
consultant and MAX Consulting Group's help, I am very happy at my new
office now. MAX Consulting Group kept my spirits very high during the
difficult time. They are very confident for every candidate and
helpful. I recommended MAX Consulting Group to my friends already.
Thank you very much MAX Consulting Group.