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David Perry さん

The only thing worse than not having a job is having to look for one,
and when Michael Otake contacted me, I was going on two years without
a steady paycheck. Admittedly, I was pretty fatalistic when Michael
contacted me (practically out of the blue), and just as dubious that
he could do anything. The economy of 2009 was a total shambles.
Thousands were out of work, and I was just one face in a huge crowd.

So nobody was more surprised than I when he got me an interview, and
nobody was more outright floored when he told me I got the job! It
took two rounds of interviews, but Michael was amazing throughout. I
would have never got the first meeting, much less the second, without
him. He was very supportive and beyond polite. His suggestions were on-
target and his advice was absolutely sound. I cannot thank Michael
enough. Whatever magic he has, he uses it wisely and well. I owe him.
A lot. He is an asset to his company and profession.

David Perry