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K.P さん

Times were tough in the job market after my return from Japan. After months of tireless searching with numerous recruiters, I began to feel very low on morale. That all turned around once I was contacted by Michael at MAX Consulting. After my personal interview with MAX, I left feeling positive but not too hopeful. After all, I had met so many recruiters and despite their cordial manner and hard work, I either never heard back from them or got placed in interviews unsatisfactory to either party.

I was pleasantly surprised by Michael's persistent and professional dedication to my job search. Each placement I felt had been hand selected to match my specific background and whether I got the position or not, I left every interview feeling good about myself and the position in question. Michael's manner in each step of the process was sincere at all times. His communications were no nonsense, polite but without false enthusiasm or superfluous chatter. He consistently contacted me with one goal on the agenda--to find me a job. He never gave up at any point and I feel lucky to have met him. I also found the online Interview Tips invaluable during my search.

I would recommend MAX Consulting to anyone looking for a job in today's competitive job market. Commitment like Michael's is truly an asset. Thank you, Michael and MAX Consulting!