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Joyce Zhou ‚³‚ñ

Dear Sayaka (Stacy),

Thank you for helping me to get a good full-time job, which is exactly I want. In fact, since the economics is in the recession, I was not having much confidence on getting a good job before I registered with Max Consulting Group Inc. However, you make me to get back the confidence, and let me see the bright future on my career.

During my career searching period, I also registered with other job agencies. But most of them didnft really help me, and they also forgot me after a while. However, Ifm so lucky to meet you. You are a very nice consultant, and you really understand what I need, and help me to get a suitable job as best you can. In addition, you also provided very good services to me. For example, called me immediately when you got any suitable position opened; or explained the details of the job so that could make me prepare for the interview well, etc. Therefore, I'm so happy to meet you and registered with Max Consulting Group Inc.

Finally, thank you again for all your help on my career search. I will highly recommend you and your company to my friends or any other closer people when they intend to get a new job.


Joyce Zhou