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C P さん

Ever since I was laid off from my last job, my life turned into black
white. I was doing nothing at home but watching TV. One day my phone
was ringing. There was Mr. Masanao ( Michael) Otake from MAX Consulting Group, Inc on the other side of phone.
He found my resume and would like to speak with me about job
positions, which he has. After the first interview I had with Michael,
he called me on next day and set up a job interview for me – a
Japanese trading company.

Michael has been very patient and dealing with all situations
smoothly. He guided me from the very beginning of the interview, until
I got the job offer. He called me every time, when he got any news
from the company I have been interviewed. He never gives up on me,
and made me feel like home.

If you are recently lost a job or you want changes a job, I strong
recommend call Mr. Masanao (Michael) Otake immediately. Trust me, you
wouldn't disappoint.

At end, I just want to say thank you Michael, and thank you Max
Consulting Group, Inc. I wish you guys the best.