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M.K さん

What's your education worth unless you've got experience?

Despite four years of all-nighters, intense cram-sessions, research projects and final term papers, the one thing I couldn't even attempt to do was to find a job. I didn't even know what I wanted to do with my life. But through a good friend, I was told about Max Consulting and they helped me get a job--as well as peace of mind. The staff was consistently reliable, extremely polite and committed toward helping me (a kid with barely a resume) out. Whenever I would speak to Sayaka or Masa, they always gave me a positive outlook on new prospects and their self-assurance led me to relax because I was confident in their abilities.

To be honest, I've never had any experience with another consulting firm however I what I can say about my experience with Max Consulting, is that their strong qualities are being dependable, amiable, empathetic and most important of all, they are resilient. They understood my character so well and adapted remarkably to my preferences. Within a short amount of time I was hired at one of my top choices and currently I am still happily working there. The connections I am making in my line of work have become valuable to me and only now have I come to realize how necessary it was for me to have gone to Max Consulting in the first place.

So in light of this, what I really mean is: Your education isn't worth much without the RIGHT experience.

Thanks Max.