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A K さん

One Sunday evening, while watching "Ainori" on AZNtv, I saw a Max Consulting commercial. I hesitated contacting them at first because I have not had any luck with a different job placement agency before.
However, I decided to just visit the website. I was surprised at how advanced and coordinated everything was on the website I thought this might get me somewhere. And I was right! After entering my contact information, I immediately received a phone call from Sayaka and the rest was history!

I went into the office the next day, filled out papers, and Sayaka, with her very friendly yet professional demeanor guided me through positions that were available and what may suit me. I was interested in a couple of jobs that she has introduced to me and doing what she does best, I was able to get an interview very quickly. All of this happened within a week! Monday morning, I received a call from Sayaka. Tuesday, I went to Max Consulting. Wednesday, I received the information that I will be having an interview. Friday, the Interview. The following Monday, 2nd round of interview AND I got the job. Throughout this whole process, Sayaka kept in touch through phone and email giving me advice, feedback etc. She was wonderful, I could not have asked for anyone else to guide me through the whole way. Thank you so very much for all of your help and landing me with a job