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K.K. ‚³‚ñ

I lived at suburban, but have to work at down town Manhattan. I need to spend more than 3 hours on the way by walk and take train everyday. Also, the job has a lot of overtime. I am too tired every day. I would like to find another job very quick. However, as my friends told me that to find a job is not easy right now, and may be need to run for interview many times.
While I was looking for a job, I saw the magazine. I e-mailed to Max Consulting at early morning. I got a call from Hirakawa-san soon. She told me that there are some positions may be fit for me. I would like to try soon. She called me the next day, and arranged for an interview soon. Also, she gave me some advice for dress and so on. I was surprised for her nice and efficiency. But I didnft get the job after the first interview. I felt a little bit disappointed. After 2 weeks, Ms Hirakawa called me again at a Friday afternoon; she gave me some job offer. She called me again, and told me that a telephone interview would be at 7 pm. I had the interview on Friday evening after work, and I met the president of the company on Saturday for another person to person interview. On the next Monday, Ms. Hirakawa told me that I have gotten the job. I was really surprised I could get a new job so quick. Moreover, I am very happy that I donft have to do overtime work; the company is close to where I live (lesser than 10 minutes by drive). It is great!
Thank you.
Thank you so much.