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Janette Takahashi さん

I am very grateful to have MAX Consulting Group, Inc. as my career
consultant. They truly served as my champion in my job search. Not
only did they find me a job, but they took into consideration all my
needs. They worked hard and wasted no time to ensure a successful
placement for me.
My consultant was a prime example of the exemplary work and service
that MAX Consulting Group can provide all job seekers. I have been
with the company for 2 weeks now and I have to say that although it has
been quite challenging, I feel that it is the place for me. The people
are nice, and the company is highly respected. I am very happy at
where I am. MAX Consulting Group, thank you very much for all your
hard work and assistance.
More power to you and Max Consulting Group.

Janette N. Takahashi