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Deanna Silva さん

Dear Sayaka san,

I just want to thank you honestly for guiding me to a positive atmosphere. At first I was a little hesitate about working with an agency. But after interviewing with you at the office, I felt a certain calmness and hope that your agency was going to keep their word. I have dealt with many agencies and not one of them made me feel as positive as your office did. Knowing that you may have many clients of your own, you have given me full attention to my every need and had given me a chance to try a career that was not in my path.

I now am working as a Sales Coordinator for almost a month and a half. I have gained so much knowledge in the production field. Its an everyday challenge but I look forward in completing them all.

I am very grateful for the opportunity working at such an office and having the greatest pleasure of having your assistance.

Thank you kindly,

Deanna Silva