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Shih さん

I was pretty frustrated looking at job ads from newspapers to the internet day after day.

One day, I received a call from Sayaka. At first I was a bit hesitated when she had mentioned a consulting company since bad experiences in the past often related to the agencies. Sorry, no offense! Sayaka told me that she has a position available at a freight forwarder company, which might be suitable for me since I have airlines’ experiences. She briefly explained the job details and location to me. I was honest with her and told her that lack of access in transportation would be my number one concern. I was surprised that she understood my situation, because, unlike Sayaka, a lot of agents from other staffing companies would still ask me to go and to take a look. Since I felt very comfortable talking to her, I agreed to visit her at her office the very next day.

Our meeting was on a Thursday. At our interview she told me she would have my resume sent to this Japanese insurance company for an accounting/administrative position. By the time I got home, she had already left me a message asking if I would be available for an interview on next Monday. I returned her call and said yes! So the next day, she sent me all the details for the interview with the company’s official website just for me to do some homework, very thoughtful of her! And I couldn’t believe that her response was faster than I expected! I was very please! I emailed her once again and asked her for some interview tips. Without waiting, she replied my email with some helpful information, and once again she called just to make sure I was question free!

After Monday’s interview, I called her and briefly described my interview with the company. She assured me that she would follow-up for me. During the waiting period, I was constantly asking her for the latest follow-up status. Suddenly, three days later she called me and told me that the company would like me to go back for a second interview next Thursday. Just the day after my 2nd interview I received the good news from Sayaka that I got the job.

Thank you Sayaka!