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Sunita Madduri さん

Max Consulting was the first company I registered after coming to New Jersey. After having a one year break from work in India and was keen in starting a job again related to Japanese in New York so it is with mixed feelings of anxiety and apprehension I approached Masanao Otake-san.

Initially things did not move as smoothly as expected but I now have a job which I am very excited to start from next week. I would not have imagined of getting to work with such a big group on my own. Its all due to the efforts of Masanao Otake-san, he has always been there gently guiding and very kindly sharing his job knowledge with me.

I always feel he has been patient and dealing with all situations calmly which makes you feel reassured. Through out my job hunt Masanao-san has constantly been in touch always letting me whenever there was a suitable job opportunity and been thoroughly professional.

I hope to put in my best and hope this would be the start of a new and promising career in USA.

Sunita Madduri