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S.R. さん

I moved to New York after completing one year on the JET Program. My
decision to leave the program was unplanned and I moved to New York without
a job. Like many JET alumni, I knew I wanted something "Japan-related" but
was unsure how this would play out in the actual job market.

I signed up with several recruiting agencies and was recommended for
interviews at various Japanese companies. I think most agencies are able to
send applicants on job interviews: the biggest difference between MAX and
the other agencies, however, is that I trust MAX to recommend me to jobs
that actually interest me.

Sayaka at MAX has consistently recommended me to jobs in line with my
interests. She has been sympathetic to my needs and respectful of my
When I decided in December that I wanted to find temporary work
instead of a full-time position, she immediately switched her strategy and
found me a great temporary job in my field. She even negotiated a higher
pay rate for me.

I'm grateful to Sayaka for helping me find something I can enjoy.