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Nang Her さん

I have a major in international business and a minor in Japanese; and after having the experience of studying abroad in Japan for an academic year, it confirmed my desire to find a career in a Japanese company; or at the least, one which would allow me to use and improve my Japanese skills as well has have an international presence.

I did not know where to begin my search and the only resource I had was my school’s career development center. It turned out to be a dead end since these jobs did not fulfill my criteria. I decided to settle for any opportunity but seldom received replies. I decided to search online. At this point, I was beginning to feel hopeless; especially since I am from Minnesota, where there aren’t many opportunities of international relations with Japan. As the last month of the semester neared, I gave up pursuing a career search in a Japanese company or anything international-related. As a last resort, I posted my resume on yahoo hotjobs. It dawned on me that maybe my only chance was to leave the Midwest.

Then, I received a phone call from Sayaka at Max Consulting. I have never heard of Max Consulting so immediately, I googled it and was instantly relieved. Max Consulting was what I have been searching for. I asked myself, “why didn’t Max Consulting show up on my google searches for job placement agencies?” Sayaka instantly set me up with a job interview the next day. Not only did this amaze me but I was also impressed with Sayaka’s efficiency. I acknowledge the time difference between New York and Minnesota, and Sayaka managed to maintain communication; which ranged from emailing and playing phone tag throughout the day. She was able to answer any questions I had and though we may still be strangers, she has gained my trust. Sayaka successfully matched me with exactly what I was searching for: a job in a Japanese company with room for me to improve on my Japanese language skills and the most important thing was that I do not need to leave the Midwest! The opportunity is here.

Sayaka was able to ease the worries and frustration that comes with job searching. It has only been three weeks since graduation and I have a job in which I will be starting in two days. Max Consulting sincerely drive their mission. I recommend Max Consulting; even for those not located in New York.