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C.B. さん

I recently graduated from college and moved to New York at the start of the summer. My major was Japanese and I knew I wanted to continue using my language skills, so in July I began looking for jobs at Japanese companies in the city. I had little idea what to expect from a job search or where to begin.
At first I tried searching on my own through job searching website but I rarely received responses from ads and I found little on some job site that interested me or seemed fit for my skill level. After a month I became very frustrated and worried I would not be able find a job I wanted.

One day I picked up a Japanese newspaper, not knowing what exactly it was. In the classifieds section I found listings for several Japanese employment agencies. I immediately registered at five or six. Some agencies never contacted me again after I went in for my initial meeting with them. A few contacted me again with jobs that sounded acceptable but not terribly interesting. I did a few interviews that seemed to go nowhere, and became worried again that I had run out of options.

Yet by the middle of the summer, of all the agencies and all the consultants, Sayaka Ijima at Max Consulting had somehow managed to get me interviews for jobs that no other agency had mentioned to me. These jobs went beyond my personal requirement that the job be located at a Japanese company; they were jobs I would have been excited to do even if they had involved no Japanese, and they fit my interests perfectly.

In the meantime, in between interviews Sayaka found an opportunity for me to do temp work at a Japanese company. She contacted me about the job on a Wednesday and I was working on Thursday. This was exactly what I needed. I knew that even if my other interviews did not pan out, at least I no longer had to worry about getting the money to pay the bills or finding a job.

Eventually Sayaka set me up for an interview at a company that fit my interests, goals, and even was located in my neighborhood.
I start next week, and I am very excited. Throughout my whole search this summer Max Consulting has easily been the most helpful and showed me the best opportunities.

Sayaka has clearly been invested in finding me a job I will love. She has always seemed to know exactly the kinds of jobs I would be interested in interviewing for, as if she has known for years what I've wanted to do.
I thank her and thank Max. It's been a great experience and I have already told my other Japanese-speaking friends about the company in case they are interested in looking for a job the same way I did.