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Ellen さん

This August, I started looking for a new career opportunity for myself. Unfortunately, things didn't go well.

There were so many staffing agencies contacted me and wanted me to visit their offices and sign up with them. According to them, if after I sign up with them and there is a position available in the near future, then I can start working for the new company right away.
However, there is nothing. I got no phone calls, no news, no responses, no follow-ups, absolutely nothing from those staffing companies I had signed up with.

At the beginning of September, I got a phone call from Ms. Sayaka Stacy Ijima. She imformed me that she called from MAX Consulting Group, Inc. and they have a position available in a Bank.

Without hoping too much, I visited Ms. Ijima's office and do the regular sign-up with her. (That was a Thursday) I told myself that don't expect too much because I don't believe I can get anything from her and MAX. For me at that time, MAX was just another consulting company in New York.
The only thing that made me signed up with her is the idea of "there's nothing to lose".

Friday night, I got another phone call from her, saying that the bank wanted to set up another interview with me. In less than 2 weeks since the first time I talked with Ms. Ijima, I got a solid response that I AM HIRED.
Ms. Ijima did the follow-up for me everyday, from schedule an interview to get me an offer letter from the bank.
Each day, she made sure that she got my job done on time without further delay.

One thing you have to believe that both MAX and Ms. Ijima are special.

They don't throw me there alone and ask me to wait for their response at home.
Two weeks it takes totally since I first met her, I got a decent job.

Strongly recommand simply because they are awesome.