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Sayuri さん

I had never been to a staffing agency before going to MAX, so I didn't know what to expect and I wasn't sure that it would improve my chances of getting a job in the field that I was interested in.

But with my sister's referral to Ijima-san, I was introduced to her level of expertise in the area, which immediately made me feel more at ease with the job search process. Although I've relied on other means to find a job (networking, job fairs, etc.), no opportunity fit my goals more than the opportunity that Ijima-san handed to me after one week! She knew exactly what I was looking for, so when I went for my first and only interview with my new employer, it was like a perfect match!

My experiences with MAX has definitely surpassed all of my expectations I had of all staffing agencies.
The quality of service and guidance I received from Ijima-san has been top notch since day one, and I know that if it weren't for her help, I would not be where I am today. I highly recommend MAX to all job applicants looking for jobs that are the right match for them!