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Benjamas Mason さん

To: Max Job

Thanks a million for your hard effort to find a job for me. I really appreciate it.

My name is Benjamas Mason, My authorization to work was still in process when I was looking for a job. However, Maxjob didn't hesitate to interview me on phone and arrange a face-to-face meeting, where I met Ms.Helen. I could say that all staffs at Maxjob were really friendly, sweet, and helpful. Ms.Helen informed me that I had to pass her the EAD immediately once I received it from Immigration; that way she could send out my resume to potential employers. Moreover, she also advised me to look up at Maxjob website and inform her if I find any jobs that interest me.

As soon as I received the work permit, I passed to Ms.Helen and of course, she immediately arranged me a job interview with a potential employer. Everything went well and employer wanted to offer me a job. Unfortunately, due to incomplete computer records at the Dept. Homeland Security, I was unable to obtain a Social Security number. Though legally allowed to work, no one would hire me since its impossible to pay taxes without a Social Security number.

In the interim, Ms.Helen always followed up closely with me to see whether I received the social number or not. Not only following up with me, but also helped to negotiate with employer. I know Ms.Helen was trying her best for me and the employer. It took over a month after receiving my work permit to get my social security card. once I passed to her, she immediately contacted with employer and just five minutes after informing Ms. Helen of my Social Security number, she called me back to inform me that I got the job. That was so amazing! I could feel that Ms.Helen also felt so happy for me. I told her that I don't have the words to thank her enough!

As of today, I have been working for a week. It was a very good company, good benefits, pleasant colleagues, and an easy commute. I have to say thank you to Maxjob again especially to Ms.Helen to offering a great opportunity, to hard afford for everything you have done for me. I will be remember always.

Best regards,