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Sophia Obeng Dompreh さん

I started in August 28th to be exact, in searching for my first career job.
The continuos job hunt and interviews were overwhelming and at times could be frustrating. I've always kept faith and continued to be determined. As usual I check my newspaper and the Internet for jobs. With Max Consulting Group, the first thing they did was called me and set up an interview. I then met Stacy who was very nice to me from the beginning. Stacy helped me tremendously with my job search. Stacy got me an interview and prepped me with what I should say and do. With Stacy's advice I was prepared for the interview. After I was done with the interview I believed I did a good job. Stacy called me and told me they were interested in me and another candidate. Because of Stacy's encouragement to the Company I landed the job.
I've been at the job for a week and I love it. Thank You so much Stacy.