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Jennifer さん

My work is going well. I really like the work that
I have been doing. The people in my department are
wonderful and very understanding.
They have been very patient with me through
the training period of my work and have helped me
a great deal. The one thing that I do like about
my job is that everyday is different.
I have my everyday work that I do, but then
there is always other things to do on top of that so
it makes it interesting. Another good thing is that
I keep learning different things each day, which makes
my job very interesting. My department has been keeping
me very busy since I have been here, which I like.

I found the job by looking almost everyday
on the internet or in the newspaper and just
applying to all different kinds of jobs.
I applied to jobs that I didn't think
I would be interested in because if I had an interview,
it just meant more experience with interviewing.
It didn't neccessarily mean that I had to take it.

If I had to give anyone advice about finding a job,
it would be to never give up and keep a positive
outlook on things. It took me a while to find
a job that I was really going to like, but it pays off
in the long run. I would tell other job seeker not to get
discouraged and not to worry because things happen the way
they do for a reason. I would also tell other job seekers
to apply anywhere and keep an open mind because you never
know you might just like it. I think that keeping on top
of people and following up with peopel when you apply for
a job or go on an interview.