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D.D. さん

My name is David. I had been living in Houston,
Texas for about 3 years. In the last semester,
before I graduated from University of Houston,
I am start looking for a job. It is kind of
very competitive job market nowadays, especially
for student who have just graduated from College.
I have a friend who graduated from the University
about 2 years ago. Although he is the US citizen,
and he graduated from the best university in Texas,
he could not find a job in short period of time.
The competitive job market has made him
wait for a reasonable job related to his academic
background as a college graduate student for one
and half year. Some of my friends are worry about
getting a job after graduating from college,
so that they tried to postpone their graduation.
Hearing my friends。ッ experience, I was very worry
about my future career because the first,
I only have a chance within one year to
find a job under OPT, the second I do not have
a US citizenship or PR and
the third, I do not graduate from the Ivy League
University such as Stanford University, UCLA,
UC Berkeley, MIT, Harvard University, etc.

Some of my friends know that I can speak Japanese
because I had been living in Japan for 8 years
and have College degree from University in Japan.
They advised me to find a Japanese English Bilingual
position for my future career, but I did not
have some information about this bilingual position,
because all jobs offered in the University
Career Services are not bilingual position and
only US Citizen/PR students are eligible for the job.
It means that international students
are more difficult to find a job.

When applying my OPT in the International
Student Service Office (ISSO) of University
of Houston, fortunately I found the magazine
written in Japanese called Ryugakusa.
This magazine made me meet MAX Consulting.
MAX Consulting helps me to find a Japanese English
Bilingual position based on my skills and preference.
I am very thankful for MAX Consulting who guided me
the way to find out my future career.
By MAX Consulting。ッs helps, I finally got a position as
Japanese English Bilingual Service Engineer.
I love this position very much because
it is very challenging, and I have lot of opportunities
to apply both English and Japanese Language skills.
Besides that working in team plays a role in the
success of the completion of the job. It is great that
there are a lot of opportunities to learn new things and
to apply my technical knowledge in providing
the best service for the customer satisfaction such as s
ystem upgrade/ installation, preventive maintenance,
system recovery and calibration.

To achieve customer satisfaction, the other most
important thing as a service engineer is the fresh and
good start service.
Hence, the lateness or tardiness of service is
intolerable. The service engineers have to get
used to getting up early in the morning and have
to be ready anytime to service the customer.
For me, it is very good to build up the strong
self-discipline to be alert in every situation.
In final words, I just want to say million
thanks to God who gives a direction
to meet MAX Consulting in guiding me my career
and I am also very thankful to MAX Consulting
who supports me in opening up my way for my career
and I also feel grateful to all my friends who gave
me a very helpful advice to find out my future career
as a Japanese-English bilingual engineer.