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* Mieko * さん

Dearest people at MAX,
    First I would like to thank all of people
at MAX who have been so nice helping me find a job.
I moved to NYC this March to seek better
opportunities. I thought job market in NYC
was better than Boston. I was wrong. Although
I got to go to many interviews through MAX's help,
it took me 5 months to find THE ONE.
I really wanted to get THE ONE so didn't want to
give up at all, and MAX did a great job.
People at MAX are incredibly nice and caring
especially Mika. I can't think of anything that
bothered me even once, rather I was happy everytime
I call and go see them. My friends were always
surprised everytime I talk about how nicely MAX
treated me. 
  I registered so many Job Agencies but I can say
MAX is THE BEST in the best. Thank you so much for all
your help and the time that you spent with me.
I am truly happy about the job I got, and warm regards
to those who are stillin the job market.