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Wei Liu さん


Letter from Mr. Wei! 03/07/02

Hello, Ms.Mika Maehara,
How are you? It has been a while since we met
last time in your company. I am doing very well.
I enjoy this job and I always think that
I was lucky enough having this job because of you.
Biotechnology, in which field I work, is among one of
the growing industries world wide.
There will be many business opportunities
in this field. I feel very lucky being in such a
fresh and challenging area. So I work hard everyday.
My boss is such a nice gentleman that I feel
lucky again being working with a boss like him.
From this weekend, I will be on a business trip to
California with my boss. It will be a fresh experience
to me. Sometimes I talk about you and Max with my wife.Although there are many career consulting
companies out there, we all think Max is the Best!
Please say hello to your colleagues.
Have a good weekend!
Wei Liu