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Nakisha さん

Dear Eiko

When I first began my job search I had a hard time. I was a recent college
graduate with qualifications for the business world, but little work
experience. I tried everything, newspapers, the Internet and employment
agencies. After going to a few of these agencies, I got disheartened. I
felt that the employment agencies did not care enough about me as a person.
Eventually I found MAX Consulting ad in the newspaper. They were very
helpful with everything. MAX Consulting made sure I was ready to go out
into the business world. I was sent on interviews for positions that I was
really qualified for. Not long after being sent on the interviews, I found
my current job. The people I work with are great and I am learning a lot.
Even after I received the job, my career consultant (Amy) cared enough to
see how I was doing. Job hunting is a difficult thing and MAX Consulting
made it easier.