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Lynne Washington さん

Hi Keiko,
When I returned from Japan, my whole family was helping me with my job search. I had registered with a number of headhunters I had seen in New York Times, but wasn't impressed with their services. My mother found MAX Consulting while surfing the Internet looking for jobs related to Japan and printed out huge list of job descriptions from their website for me.
They were very helpful, friendly and full of information whenever I called or came to the office. My skills didn't match the jobs I had circled on the list, but Keiko pointed me to others that fit the bill perfectly. They not only gave me job search advice, but also told me where to find a cheap, delicious Japanese lunch.
MAX Consulting helped me to get the kind of job I had wanted, but didn't know how to find. Within a week of visiting the office and filling out an application, they had set up interviews with several companies, and two weeks later I was offered my job.